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With Kim Jong Un agreed to halt all nuclear activities all players seemed to have been happy about the deal except for military industrial complex. Any peace deals leads to drastic cut down in their profits whereas any military adventures are a promise for their high profits. With the aversion of most anticipated war of the year i.e. North Korean War their (military industrial complex) profits started downhill movement in the sine curve. Not only was the war averted but striking a peace deal between North and South Korea mean no more aggressive military exercises in the Asia pacific zone which further meant no more sale and profits for all these military industrial mongrels.

But how could the owners of the such influential industrialists let profit slip through their fingers and hence now most critics are of the opinion that Trump administration is making up to military industrial complex by calling off Iranian nuclear deal. Although all other signatories i.e. Germany, France Russia, China, United Kingdom, of the Iran nuclear deal are still sticking to it United States has unilaterally called it off.

The United States did not have a large defense industry for most of its history. Because threats were episodic rather than continuous, the traditional practice was to mobilize the commercial economy for war production when danger arose, and then demobilize when it had passed. That all changed with the coming of the Cold War, because threats remained elevated for 40 years and policymakers decided the nation must be ready for war on short notice. So a sprawling defense sector dedicated to making advanced weapons came into being in United States which President Dwight Eisenhower memorably described in his farewell address on January 17, 1961, as the “military-industrial complex.”

Since the origin of the phrase countless multiple theories have been originated regarding how this military industrial complex has been able to effect the decisions taken by various US presidents in very crucial junctures of history.  So these particular set of industrialist are regarded as the influencer and maker of history along with the political players.

Donald Trump used his first Joint Address to the Congress of the United States to engage in an unprecedented flight of fiscal fantasy. Specifically, the president imagined that the United States could cut taxes for wealthy Americans and corporations, rip tens of billions of dollars out of domestic programs (and diplomacy), hand that money over to the military-industrial complex, and somehow remain a functional and genuinely strong nation. Although the address was not as blunt as his inaugural address yet the message was clear. He said:

“I am sending the Congress a budget that rebuilds the military, eliminates the Defense sequester, and calls for one of the largest increases in national defense spending in American history.”

The statement clearly indicates the munificence of new administration in United States for military industrial complex. There is nothing new about the conjecture of Republicans and this complex. From Ronald Regan to George W. Bush all Republican presidents had an ear for what the people from aforesaid industry had to say but immediacy with which Trump joined hands with military industrial complex is unaccented even for a republican president.

So it can be clearly seen that the amount of estimated profits for military industrial complex would have rocketed high in case of if not war then a conflict in any part of world. The United States military presence and military exercises in any terrain leads to huge profit for all these industrialists. Which means no war and no war means no profit for military industries. In fact it has been said that Stock Value of missile manufacturers soars after every barrage of missile is fired by US at any country. Hence in case of Korean peninsula de-escalation somewhere all those profits had to be balanced out and what could be more convenient than targeting Iran which would not only would be beneficial for military industrial complex but also to America’s middle eater allies i.e. Iran and Saudi Arabia. This Iranian deal has been called off in such a haphazard manner that even American analysts find it hard to defend this move. So the best explanation with which the global critics came up with is that once again the military industrial complex is at play to if not maximizing profits then to at least reap equivalent profits which they lost in Korean peninsula.

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