The Food Frenzy

There was an ecological term created back in 1960’s, called “the feeding frenzy”. It’s referred to the state when predators are overcome by the amount of prey available. In such a state the animals go wild, they act out and attack not only the food but each other as well. Today, this term is also used in references of busy hotels and restaurants during rush hours. There are so many options and a craving for always wanting more. The food outlets are in a head-on competition with one another, the consumers are on an all-time high and every restaurant doesn’t just offer food, they offer an idea.

It started as a revolution in the west, where food restaurants provided not only good taste and ambiance but represented and supported an inspiration. Decades later, Pakistan followed pursuit. Food goods stand at the top of all consumer based products. Every year, food related businesses profit immensely due to security and food shortage concerns. Other reasons of the growing business include the shift in the psychology of people wanting to have a good time. This good time means, having something good to eat. The creativity while marketing and producing such products also adds up to their sales, e.g. a Naan bread just costs rupees 10. You throw in a little Nutella and price it up to 200, 20 times its actual price, and it still sells. People are willing to pay as long as you keep providing the “new cool”.

With a population about to reach 20 million, Pakistan has a huge market for food. Karachi and Lahore are the best examples, where restaurants are flooding and food streets are jam-packed. Islamabad isn’t far behind, where every sector has a Markaz (central point), every Markaz has several restaurants. The glorious Margalla hills offer copious picnic spots, every picnic spot has numerous Dhabas. Whether it’s international or national, if it’s food, it sells.

Even though Pakistan’s food business is becoming more competent day by day, new talent pours in the fresh ideas and well researched marketing strategies which makes it tough for any innovative place to completely go out of business. Even if your idea isn’t innovative enough, just set up a chai stand the next time it rains.

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